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About Our Practices

A full-service state of art animal clinic in Ramsay and Inglewood community (Calgary) near Downtown. We are equipped with the latest technology for the best in diagnostics and advanced treatment.

We provide full spectrum of veterinary services including vaccination, spay, neuter, dental care, x-rays, soft tissue surgeries, microchipping. We also carry wide range of prescription pet food. We are proud to be a vet in Ramsay in Calgary city.

Ramsay Animal Clinic is proud to serve the communities of Calgary City. Our team is committed to educating our clients in how to keep your pets healthy year round, with good nutrition and exercise.

Ramsay Animal Clinic stays on top of the latest advances in veterinarian technology and above all, remembers that all animals and pets need to be treated with loving care in every check-up, procedure, or surgery. The clinic also stays open over the weekend in order to accommodate emergencies that may befall pet owners in the area.


Ramsay Veterinary-Services

Meet the Team

Our animal clinic is comprised of a dedicated team. The doctor, care coordinators, and veterinary assistants all work together to offer progressive, high-quality care to our veterinary patients throughout their lives. Outside of the clinic you'll find us enjoying with family, friends, and of course our animals. We hope you'll take a moment to learn more about us!



Dr Gurjinder graduated with Bachelors degree in Veterinary Science from Punjab Agriculture University in 1996. His veterinary interests include minimally invasive diagnostic techniques, emergency medicine, internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time at home with family, reading books and gardening.



Dr. Gupta has earned his Bachelor of Veterinary Science Degree in 2002. He has practiced in a range of clinical environments, complementing our medical, surgical, dental and emergency medical skills with the knowledge and techniques he has mastered over the past 18 years.
Dr Gupta has a special interest in preventative medicine, clinical pathology, and dermatology. Dr Gupta thoroughly enjoys being a veterinarian as it encompasses both his passion to help animals as well as their owners

Dr. Vishantha Patabendi (Sam)


Dr. Sam Patabendi graduated from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka with a BVSc in Veterinary Medicine, and Animal Science in 2003. Dr. Sam brings experiences from a multitude of sectors such as the technical management experience in the pharmaceutical industry, mixed animal practice in the provincial government service, and general medical experience in small animal practice. Dr. Sam passion is classic cars from the 60's and 70's and has a special interest in Japanese models.

Serena Giles

Veterinary Assistant

Serena after graduating from Robertson College in May 2021, started working here in September of 2021. Growing up she has always had a strong passion for animals. She gets to help her mom with breeding and has had many previous jobs surrounding animals. She has since got the opportunity to become clinic manager to pursue her veterinary career further. Her favorite thing about working at Ramsay is all the amazing clients and staff we have.

Sydney Fischer

Veterinary Assistant

Sydney has been working at Ramsay Animal Clinic since May 2021. She is currently a student in the biology program at Mount Royal University and hopes to pursue a career in wildlife conservation. She has always been very passionate about helping animals. Her favorite part of the job is seeing animals successfully recover after receiving medical treatment.

Meg-Ann Dallaire

Veterinary Assistant

Meg-Ann has been working at Ramsay Animal clinic since May 2021. She has completed her Veterinary Hospital Assistant Certificate in Kelowna BC as well as worked in daycares and rescues for 10 years. She is always excited to meet new patients and learn new things. At home she has a puggle and Pitbull mix who love going on hikes and other adventures.

Carissa Adams

Veterinary Assistant

Carissa joined Ramsay Animal Clinic since December 2021. She has completed and is certified in First Aid for all types of animals. She has been working with animals over the past several years and looks forward to pursing further in her career. At home she has kitten named Stormi who loves to cause trouble. Her favorite part of the job is assisting with all the surgeries and getting to know all the pets that come in.

Akyah Good

Veterinary Assistant

Akyah Good as Veterinary Assistant. Akyah started working at the clinic in January of 2023, She has always had a passion and worked with animals since the age of 14. In her experience she has received her animal first aid certification as well as a license in pet grooming. During her time working in the clinic she has found her love for assisting in surgeries and always lending an extra hand. In her free time she is taking her pups Maui and Max to the dog park and letting them run free, they love to keep her busy and cause trouble.

Customer FAQ's

Yes you can! We do our very best to accommodate all scheduling requests. Please make sure to make the specific doctor request when you are booking your appointment. Get to know our Ramsay Animal Clinic Veterinarians

Pet insurance is very beneficial and therefore recommended. It can help reduce the financial costs should something happen to your pet. There are many companies, plans and packages to fit your budget and needs. We recommend an accident/illness or wellness plan for complete coverage.

At Ramsay Animal Clinic, we vaccinate based on many factors such as lifestyle and risks of exposure. For many of our patients, we will employ a rotating vaccine schedule so that they are not over-vaccinated but keeping them protected at the same time. A physical/check-up is recommended on a yearly basis for all pets to ensure their health and longevity.

Simply call your previous vet and have medical records faxed or emailed to one of our offices. Should you have copies, you are welcome to drop them by one of our office. Records can be faxed to 587-480-8100 or emailed to info@ramsayanimalclinic.ca

For most drug refills you can simply call in the refill and that’s it! Controlled substance refills can easily be refilled as well but we are required to perform a physical examination on a yearly basis. You can request a refill by contact us during our business hours Or you can fill out Prescription Refill form.

Yes we do! Multiple pet, rescues, and foster discounts just to name a few. Contact us to see if your eligible for any discounts. Furthermore and in addition to discounts, we frequently have seasonal discount packages for you! Dental health month and the spring parasite prevention season are a couple examples.

Absolutely! An even easier way is to schedule your next appointment. You can make your next appointment at your convenience — pick your date and time.

Comprehensive examinations are recommended at least annually to check for health issues that may not be apparent to owners. During a comprehensive examination the veterinarian will examine your pet's eyes, ears, skin and hair coat, listen to their heart, and discuss any concerns you may have.


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